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Doggie Detour is a small independent rescue located in Upper Sandusky Ohio. Doggie Detour is a not for profit family run  rescue and relies solely on adoption fees and donations from kind-hearted people  to off set the cost of vetting and caring for the dogs in our care.

Doggie Detour is a mission that grew from our love of dogs. We love all kinds of critters but there is no other animal that touches our heart quite  like a dog does. Dogs are the most noble, forgiving, honest, non judging, and loving creatures ever put on this earth and their devotion to their family is endless. Wonderful dogs are dying everyday simply because there are  not enough homes for them.

The majority of the dogs we rescue are what we call at risk. Most often that means they are in a kill shelter and are at risk of being euthanized. The conditions that are found in some of these dog pounds are deplorable as is the case of our local dog pound.

Dogs that end up in Wyandot County Dog Pound are often left to live in dirty cages . There is only one Dog Warden that works there, no volunteers are allowed in to help clean or even walk the dogs, nor is there even a small yard to let the dogs stretch for a bit while their cages are being cleaned. These dogs have 3 choices until they are rescued or euthanized they can sit in their urine and feces, lay in it or stand in it. The worst part is that most people from Upper Sandusky have never even set foot in this building even sadder many do not even know it is here. Public hours are 8am til 10 am Mon. – Fri.. I have personally made a Facebook page and an Adopt-A-Pet for Wyandot County Dog Shelter to help these forgotten dogs get adopted or rescued when we are too full to take anymore in.

One by one we will continue to save dogs. One by one we will neuter and vaccinate them. One by one we will find them loving homes

We are a  Doggie Detour for the lost, forgotten, surrendered, used up, too big , too small, too old,won’t hunt, dumped, abused and unwanted . Our rescue hopes to be a short detour from near death to a loving forever home.

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