Rat Terrier - Senior - Male
Adoptable Small housetrained

Petey is an older gentleman we think between 7 and 10. He is a quiet dog who likes car rides, treats, going for walks and napping.
Petey is a pretty quiet dog and is content with very little. He would be great for an older person who just wants a quiet companion to go for a gentle walk and just hang out.

Petey was picked up by Marion County dog Warden after he had been found injured.

The Vet it was believed that he was most likely attacked by another dog by the appearance of the wounds on his neck, at that time he was given an antibiotic.
I pulled him from the pound as soon as his hold was up which is 72 hours later he was not very friendly at that time but he was also in pain and scared. He started settling in and became very friendly after just a few days but started to bark often to go out.
He had a few accidents in his crate (my fault for ignoring his requests) this is when I also noticed his urine stream was not great and took him to the Vet.
The Vet checked him and said his prostate was enlarged (not uncommon for older males that are not neutered but neutering would actually shrink the prostate. He gave him another antibiotic specifically for the prostate.
He seems completely better now that he is neutered and on the antibiotic. he is a very quiet boy and does not cause any trouble. He does seem a bit stiff in the morning so can be a little grouchy but seems to be fine after he out for a few minutes.